Monday, 16 November 2009

Cambodian Rocks

Hi blog!

Here is a compilation of 60s Cambodian rock or ‘Khmer rock’.

I heard a documentary on radio 4 about it a few months ago, but just found this. There is some amazing stuff on here.

In the Vietnam War American radio broadcasts of western rock and roll drifted on the airwaves over the border into Cambodia. They didn’t speak English but were inspired to make their own versions. The result is an awesome mix of surfy garagey stuff with an Asian sound.

The tragic part is that the musicians were nearly all wiped out under Pol Pot.

If you like this there are 3 other volumes I can put up if you like.

Cambodian Rocks

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ashley said...

Oh wowz these songs are ace! Also, its good to see the blog rolling again. Also, I'm going to ring you in a day or so Louis about when I should drive to bath. bye.