Friday, 31 October 2008


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Hello. In a risky manoeuvre, two of the 'at a party in september' bloggers have created the WORLDS FIRST? dual blog entry. We've put our heads together to choose the best scott walker songs, ranging from the walker brothers through to scott 4 with some bonus wild card entries.


love from ashley and joe

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

An evening wasted with Tom Lehrer

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Tom lehrer was a singer/songwriting/mathematician. His big hit was entitled 'the elements' (i think a chemistry teacher at school used to also sing it). Here he is singing some more songs. 'Poisoning pigeons in the park' and 'masochism tango' are the best ones

and if you click this you can download them

Flowers in the Wild Wood

hello, here is an album called 'Flowers in the Wild Wood - Women in Early Country Music 1923-1939' and its preeeettttty preeeettttyyyyy good. actually probably the best thing i've listened to in quite a while. So yeah...

here it is

love from ashley. over and out