Tuesday, 10 February 2009

James Chance and the Contortions / James White and the Blacks

Here is some stuff by James [insert one of various surnames]. In teh late seventies he made kind of disco Beefheart pissed off stooges era iggy funk jazz punk squaaallll. Its all very cerebral.
Following discussion with some fellow bloggers, here are some albums to help fill the gaps in YOUR collection. Also included is 'No New York' which is a pretty genre defining no wave compliation that has some early Contortions songs on which i think i like more than the ones on the real albums. 'Dish it Out' makes me want to punch things. 'Flip Your Face' makes me want to flip my face and 'I Can't Stand Myself' is pretty ace. It also has a bunch of other songs which hurt when you listen to them. Which is nice sometimes.



no new york