Friday, 30 November 2007

The Phantom

Flip-side to 'Whisper Your Love' recorded in 1958, 
Second and final take has the best intro to a song ever.

i think this is the only thing Jerry Lott a.k.a The Phantom
ever recorded, after he was injured in a car accident in which he went 600 feet down a mountain side in South Carolina.
Oh dear...

The Phantom - Love Me

The Phantom - Love Me [Take 1]

Juno - "A comedy about life!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usJuno is a film out soon. it has michael cera in it being funny and it has Kimya dawson doing a lot of the sounds. The soundtrack also features the kinks buddy holly the velvet underground belle and sebastian etc etc etc etc. theres also a performance by the two main characters of the moldy peaches 'anyone else but you'.

heres some kimya dawson from the film

I like giants
Loose lips
and david bowie/mott the hoople/david bowie/
all the young dudes

from the trailer, i dont think i like the girl

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Home blitz

hello this is Home Blitz. I like them a lot. perhaps you will too. touches of jonathan richman i think. yup

Stupid Street

Feeling Cold (this one is my favourite)

Apocalyptic Grades 2005 A.D.

sweeet. i gotta get some gum...

The Chiffons

This song is a b-side to "After Last Night" released on Reprise records in 1962, by a group called 'The Chiffons' from California.

Apprently having no connection to the more famous Chiffons who had a number one hit with 'He So Fine'. Reissue LP's even include the other groups songs, but with pictures of the
New York Chiffons.

Judge for yourself.

The Chiffons - Doctor Of Hearts

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe darjeeling limited came out not long ago. it was good and the songs were too

Here it is

and heres the rushmore soundtrack

all his films have sounds in them but these are the only ones i have

Love from Joe


yo here is matey from Herman Dune singing some songs that we like. what a find. herman dune are cool.

be my baby - the ronettes cover

true love is not nice - jonathan richman cover

black & brown blues - silver jews cover

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Great Carole King Cover


the modds

hi this is my first upload onto our blog: its called 'leave my house' by a band called The Modds. its got that cool 60s garage crudeness to it and the funny thing is no-one knows anything about who made it or where it comes from

leave my house - the modds


The Umpteens

"In the Spring of 1997, The Umpteens, a little known but much-beloved rock group from Boston, broke up mid-performance at a local university." -
Great story about the band can be found here at actionpop! records.

A few songs were recorded as The Umpteens before Don Lennon went onto a solo career.